Production services

Flexible help

Draw on Easy Avenue’s expertise of running corporate events, even if you prefer to manage your own events in-house. You can bring us in, as and when you need to. We’ll complement your in-house team and provide extra capacity when required. In short, we’ll do what you need us to.


Event experts

We’ve run and managed hundreds of successful corporate events all over the world, from tiny gatherings to big conferences. When you use our productions services, we’ll bring all that experience to bear on your event, easing your workload and ensuring top-class delivery.


Anticipation of issues

No event ever runs perfectly. The trick is spotting potential problems early and eliminating them before your attendees notice a thing. During your event, we’ll jump on anything that might suggest an issue, allowing you to focus on giving your attendees a great experience.


Our production services

We can provide flexible production services, tailored to fill gaps in your expertise and to fit around your in-house team or other external suppliers.

They can include:

  • Sound and lighting – making sure audio-visual services work perfectly and event lighting is suitable and reliable.
  • Streaming and internet – creating wireless networks for staff and guests, or broadcasting sessions online via webinars.
  • Venue preparation – transforming the venue into a productive space where guests feel welcomed and comfortable.
  • Brand consistency – use us to present a consistent, appropriate image of your brand and its attributes throughout the entire event.


We’ll be happy to help make your event a success, no matter how many people are attending or how much assistance you require. With all our experience at your disposal, it’s a good idea to at least give Easy Avenues a call to see if we can help.

“Sincere thanks for all the support and care both over the last two days and the planning and delivery of this event. Your professional guidance and client care is exceptional.

Its so easy working with you and hopefully you will feel proud of yourselves for helping make today’s event such a success.”

Head of Performance Development, Capita Employee Benefits