Promotional Merchandise

Giving a nod of appreciation

Introducing Heads Up our partner for promotional merchandise

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a gift is a great way to promote your business. However, the traditional marketing tool of using branded merchandise has been given a bad rap in recent years. As the digital age continues to increase online marketing opportunities, many have foresworn the ‘old ways’. We’re here to give a big shout out to the wonderful world of promotional products and how, when carefully chosen, they’ll be a brilliant boost for your brand.

The gift that keeps on giving

Have a think about the last time you opened a present. There’s that moment, even before you unwrap it, when you feel genuinely warm and fuzzy, no matter what’s inside. That’s why we consider packaging that feeling with corporate gifting is worth a second look.

Information overload. Overcrowded markets. Continuous competition. It’s a real challenge to earn your audience’s attention these days. In this constant state of distraction, the simple pleasure of opening a gift can be a welcome and memorable moment. Captivating your clients by appealing to their emotions immediately engages them and increases positive feelings towards you.

Branded and corporate goods are super effective at reaching out to potential customers, warming them towards your brand, and inspiring them to care about you. Helping you move beyond winning a smile to winning their business.

It’s the thought that counts towards getting results

We’ve partnered with Heads Up because of their dedication to combining product usability with your brand memorability. They know that marketing your business using branded merchandise is a proven advertising channel that is achievable, affordable and effective. According to research, 75% of people who receive a promotional product report using it every day! There’s no ‘cost per use’ for your business. Compare that to the cost per click or per impression model used by TV, radio, print and web advertising. For the one-off purchase, you get an ‘impression’ every time the pen, bag, or mug is used. With absolutely no extra cost incurred. Making your marketing budget go a very long way. What’s more, research has shown that 9 out of 10 people can recall the brand from a promotional product over 2 years later!

What you give out comes back to you multiplied

We all know how important building a sense of brand belonging is in growing your business. A recent study has shown that people given a promotional item at an exhibition, event, or business pitch are much more likely to engage with you. It’s a great ice breaker that can lead to a chat, more communication, and ultimately a great business relationship. Continual loyalty long after the initial conversation makes promotional gifting a fantastic choice to present your brand to a potential client.

A boxful of feelgood factor

With staff retention such a massive part of business success, promo items are the ideal way to boost your employees’ sense of belonging. From gifting everyday products such as stationery to offering motivational rewards like clothing and tech gadgets, a little happiness goes a long way to keeping your people on board.

Share the love and amplify your brand

Whoever your audience, whatever their age, it’s now possible to find an appropriate product choice that appeals to them. From a silver thermos to a tiny Bluetooth speaker, there’s a gift or gadget for all. You’ll also open opportunities to attract attention from way beyond the physical product. Imagine the potential when a promotional gift hits the sweet spot of that “share-ability” factor! Pictures posted on social media by delighted clients or employees can have a massive impact on expanding brand reach.

Presenting the perfect partner

The Heads Up team have a combined experience of over 25 years in the B2B and service industries. They’ve got an exceptional infrastructure allowing them to provide elite customer service and exclusive products to all our clients. And they’re completely committed to creating truly special client experiences. Matching your audience, budget, and brand to the best gifts to make the most memorable impression. 

Increase your brand recognition. Improve the perception of your business. Maintain client and employee loyalty. They’ll help you make giving mean a whole lot more.

Discover how to give and grow your brand by calling them on 0203 058 2320 or sending an email to

June 10, 2020