In An Interview With Michelle, Our Founder

Enterprising flair meets bold vision - Destination Easy Avenues

Michelle Roughan’s adventurous spirit was always headed towards building a successful business. Her early career path in financial services unleashed ambitious aspirations and an entrepreneurial drive. With a rigorous grounding in business management and experience of being self-employed Michelle’s belief that anything is possible also saw her train as a Pilates teacher! Daring and doing are a winning combination when it comes to business travel and corporate events.

“I’m driven by a desire to find freedom in what I do. I want to give my clients that same sense of freedom. Whether that’s making their travel arrangements seamless or bringing a big idea to life for an event. We free them from any burdens and let our imaginations take flight.”

When Michelle started Easy Avenues in 2009, she admits that it was “from a red laptop in the dining room” tirelessly working till ‘whatever o’clock’. Fast forward to the present day and she is rightly proud of the award-winning business.

"from a red laptop in the dining room"

“My first employee came on board after only a year. I knew that I wanted to inspire a team to achieve greatness. To work hard and enjoy doing it.” People are the whole world for Easy Avenues.

“Our greatest joy is taking clients to a place beyond their imaginations. Making truly special memories. And we love to see people smile.”

Asked what her travel destination of choice is, Michelle is quick to reply “My favourite place to be is the Maldives. It’s an amazing combination of beautiful sunsets and sunrises, tranquillity and the clarity of the sea. For me, it feels like the most healing place in the world!”